Company name
JR East Urban Development
JR East Urban Development Corporation
The head office location
2-2-2, Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
April 20, 1989
1,450 million yen (stockholder: East Japan Railway Company. 100%)
The number of employees
701 (as of July, 2012)
Main business outline
  • Trust of management, administration of land, building, underpass and the affiliated site and survey by passenger rail, Japan Freight Railway Company
  • Buying and selling, lease, intermediation of real estate and management business
  • Store, construction, management such as offices and administration
  • Management of temporary custody such as parking lot and baggage
  • Clothing, food, drink, alcoholic beverage, cigarette, stamp, stamps, pharmaceutical products, art industrial art object, miscellaneous goods product for day, sale such as folk crafts for souvenir and supermarket business
  • Management of hotel, inn and restaurant
  • Agency business such as the developing, firing, drawing out of photograph and cleaning
  • General engineering works, design of building, construction control, construction business and surveying business
  • Warehouse business
  • Management such as cram school, culture center and art gallery
  • Management of tennis court, exercise facilities such as table tennis ground and game centers such as Go, shogi
  • Insurance against loss agency and other insurance-mediated agencies
  • General lease business
  • Advertising
  • Building and affiliated facility, electric equipment, maintenance management such as machines and cleaning business
  • Guard business
  • Cultivation, processing, sale such as seed and sapling, fruit, flower and vegetables
  • Travel agency
  • Trust of release of tickets of passenger rail and duties such as wickets
  • Trust of red public phone
  • Public bath business
  • Studio business for rent
  • Hairdressing business, beauty business
  • Investigation, plan, consulting about utilization of building
  • Business necessary to achieve accompanying or all associated business, purpose of other foregoing paragraphs in the business mentioned above


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