CONTACT inquiry

①Inquiry of lost article, thing left behind

Please refer to window of each shopping center over telephone.

②Question and opinion, request about JRE POINT

To the following call center or exclusive WEB site, please.

■Call center ... 0570-036-389 (10:00 - 18:00, year round)
※Notification of loss or theft of card is accepted for 24 hours

■WEB site ...

We heard application of JRE POINT card which the points collect by the card presentation to be available in Beans in each shop of Beans. (there is shop excluding partly.)
Ecute Akabane is facility targeted for JRE POINT where the points collect by the use of Suica which we registered. Please register Suica from the JRE POINT WEB site mentioned above. (JRE POINT card which the points collect by the card presentation is not available in ecute Akabane.)

③Question and opinion, request for Beans ecute Akabane

Please refer to each shopping center with exclusive form.

We manage personal information that had you input based on privacy policy of JR East Urban Development appropriately. Please refer to privacy policy on agreement.

We advance to input form

④Inquiry of, tenant branch of corporation

We accept in administration management company "JR East Urban Development" of Beans ecute Akabane.
Company WEB site is this place


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We wait in shopping center Beans of station direct connection.